Solid Waste Case Studies

Taskmaster® Shredders Play Critical Role In E-Waste Recycling Operation

A major e-waste recycler which handles massive quantities of electronics received from many states wanted to make improvements. Their installed 4-shaft shredders were causing excessive maintenance expense and downtime. The company processes all types of e-waste from the smallest electronic components, such as flash cards and circuit boards, to the largest, such as mainframe computers – and everything in between. Their process is design to reclaim valuable metals found in the waste components such as silver, gold, and copper which can only be reclaimed after a shredding process.

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Case Study: TASKMASTER® Multi-Stage Shredding System for Pharmaceutical Plant Security

Multi Stage Taskmaster

A pharmaceutical manufacturer was faced with major waste management concerns. They urgently needed a powerful shredding system capable of quickly and efficiently reducing bulky pharmaceutical rejects, packaging and literature to an unrecognizable condition. The company had recently purchased shredding equipment to replace older units, which were failing, but soon encountered unexpected problems. Pharmaceutical material passing through the carbon steel shredders often contained corrosive chemicals, which eventually eroded Multi Stage Taskmasterthe units.

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Case Study: TASKMASTER® Grinders Play Central Role in Biofuel Production

Taskmaster for Biomass

A biogas station in Poběžovice, the Czech Republic could be a prototype for what the future holds for the production of energy from renewable sources. Built by the Spin Plzeň company, the facility is located on the grounds of an agricultural farm focused on pig breeding. The station processes a combination of biodegradable waste to produce the biogas. The main component is 100 m3/day of liquid pig manure which is combined with maize silage and slaughterhouse waste.
The components of the station were designed and manufactured by the company, Tomášek SERVIS, s.r.o. Various proposals for processing input raw materials were considered. The goal was to install size reduction equipment capable of handling 9.5 t/day of raw materials with a required particle size at output of 12 mm. Proper treatment was essential, as the form and output size of solid particles was strictly regulated.

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Case Study: TASKMASTER® Shredder Aids Remediation

Taskmaster With Dumper

The company hired an Environmental Waste Remediation organization to properly destroy and dispose of the off-spec product. The fluids in the container had to be safely disposed of without endangering the local sewer system. The off-spec product was introduced into the hopper of the TM2300 shredder by an end-loader. After the material was shredded, the solids were separated from the liquid and disposed of properly.The TASKMASTER® TM2300 Shredder used for the application has a fully enclosed dust-tight body of heavy structural steel. Hardened and ground cutter disks and spacers ride on two parallel hex shafts.

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Case Study: TASKMASTER® TM8500 – Shreds Plastic With Ease

Taskmaster TM8500 Shredder

The TASKMASTER TM8500 Industrial Shredder is a heavy-duty, highly versatile disintegrator that requires minimal maintenance. The TM8500 Shredder reduces tough solids with an effective low speed, high torque twin-shaft shredding action. It features a unique cutter cartridge technology. The multi-tooth cutter cartridge® combines individual cutter and spacer disks resulting in marked increase in cutter strength. The result is the reduction of the need for maintenance such as stack retightening and increased longevity.

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Case Study: Research Institute Cuts Waste Problem

Taskmaster TM2300 Shredder

TASMASTER twin-shaft shredders are versatile units with remarkable shredding capabilities on a wide variety of materials. Using counter-rotating banks of intermeshing cutters, they efficiently reduce bulk solids up to 80%. The units cut storage and disposal costs while aiding in the safe disposal of wastes. These units can reduce landfill costs, aid in recycling off-spec materials and waste, and enhance processing.

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Case Study: TASKMASTER® Chip Destruction System Solves Black Market Problem

TM2300 Multi Stage System

A major “chip” manufacturer had a security problem. Truckloads of valuable chips were exposed to pilferage. Each drum of chips was worth more than it’s weight in gold, making it a tempting target. As a result, substandard chips were showing up on the black market. A solution was needed urgently. That’s when the company turned to Franklin Miller Inc for a solution.

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