Taskmaster TM8500 Grinder

The TASKMASTER® TM8500 twin shaft grinders provide unsurpassed grinding of wastewater solids and design features that make them truly unique. These units have proven their capability and unique reliability in installations worldwide. These grinders feature dependable mechanical seals in a cartridge design and Cutter Cartridge® Technology.

These grinders reduce pump ragging and problems with downstream equipment by finely reducing such solids as rags, plastics, wipes, paper, disposables, fabrics, wood, bottles and much more. They are built for sewage, sludge, septage, and screenings applications in either open channel, inline or gravity installations. Each unit is heavily constructed for low  vibration and quiet operation.


TM8500 Grinder


  • Cutter Cartridge Technology
  • Coarse or Finely Cut Output Configurations
  • Few Moving Parts
  • No Stack Retightening
  • Rugged Construction
Cutter Cartridge Advantage

TM8500 Specification
TM8500D Duplex Chart

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