Chrome Boride Hardfacing

hard facing 2

Franklin Miller hardfacing is an ideal solution for applications with high concentration of abrasives. This fused coating is capable of withstanding tough abrasion and greatly extending service life.

A heavy coating of chrome boride in a nickel-based matrix is fused to working surfaces at close to 2000 degrees F. This hardfacing is fused to the base metal with a unique, precision process. The result is a surface 15-20 times more abrasion-resistant than stainless steel which can’t be scratched by a normal file.

The chrome boride consists is a highly corrosion resistant, nickel with ultra-hard chrome boride particles dispersed within it. The average hardness of the composite material is approximately Rc60. The abrasion resistance as demonstrated on a standard Ottawa sand abrasion tester has a factor of 10 improvement as compared to hardened steel. Additionally, this coating is capable of withstanding tough abrasion without causing embrittlement of the base metal. As a result, surfaces coated with chrome boride hardfacing often have a substantial increase of life in abrasive service even as compared to heat-treated alloy steel.