CUTTER CARTRIDGE® technology is a major innovation at the core of the TASKMASTER® grinder’s superior performance. The cutter cartridge combines 6 cutters and 6 spacers into rugged one-piece elements, greatly reducing individual cutter parts and increasing unit strength and reliability.cutters on shaft

CUTTER CARTRIDGE Technology Advantages

Reduce Parts: Cuts individual cutter and spacer parts by a factor of 12:1.
Enhances Unit Strength: Increases the grinder strength by eliminating multitudes of weak cutter and spacer disks.
No Stack Retightening Required: Stack retightening is a maintenance headache that is completely eliminated.
No Stack Loosening: Units with individual cutter and spacer disks
can have premature shaft, cutter and seal failure due to stack loosening.
No Stack Collapse: Catastrophic stack collapse can happen when even one cutter or spacer disk cracks in other grinders. This is not the case with CUTTER CARTRIDGE technology.

Higher Precision: All surfaces are precision machined for sharper cutting edges. The cutter lengths are closely controlled eliminating stack tolerance accumulation and assuring much better cutter alignment.
Better on Shafting: The problem of scoring which can ruin grinder shafts is eliminated. Additionally, CUTTER CARTRIDGE technology actually reinforces the unit shafting and reduces deflection.


Cutter Configurations
Cutter ConfigurationsWith CUTTER CARTRIDGE technology fine cutters won't sacrifice strength or increase individual parts. Available profiles include: 3 Tooth (fishhook), 5 Tooth, 7 Tooth, 11 Tooth, and 17 Tooth.

TASKMASTER grinders that feature CUTTER CARTRIDGE technology include: TM6500, TM8500, TM8500D, TM14000, TM14000D and TM20000.

Wipes Proven Technology

provenTASKMASTER® CUTTER CARTRIDGE elements have sharp, shark-like teeth that effectively rip through single or multiple clumped wipes and reduce them into small bits.

With rugged construction, precise alignment and optimized profile design, these cutters deliver superior performance on wipes and other stringy materials from day one and over the long run.

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