Depackinator (Product Depacking System)

Franklin Miller Depackinator Product Depackaging System handles a wide range of product depackaging including food waste, pharmaceutical waste, and municipal solid waste.

As waste and recycling become bigger issues everyday, the depackinator product depackaging system is your tool to help reduce waste and recycle. When partnered with a screw conveyor and a Taskmaster Shredder Franklin Miller provides a full conveyance, separation and shredding system for full waste recovery and processing.

Assembly Render 2


DP1000 - 140 CF/HR

DP2000 - 400 CF/HR

DP3000 - 500 CF/HR

DP4000 - 700 CF/HR

Depackinator Open

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  • Heavy Duty Structural Steel Housing
  • Screen For Material Sizing and Separation
  • Optional Spray Wash Assembly
  • Automatic PLC Controller