Taskmaster Titan® Duplex Grinder

The TASKMASTER® TITAN® Duplex combines powerful channel grinding capability with high-flow capacity and low headloss. The TASKMASTER TITAN Duplex features two dual-shaft grinders powered by a single motor and drive. This unit’s unique design employs two counter-rotating shafts, but its intermeshing cutter stacks have two different diameters. One opening is much larger than the other, providing more efficient feeding and reduction of bulky solids while allowing greater flow to pass through freely. The result is superior performance in both grinding and liquid handling. The finely ground output provides excellent protection of pumps, filter presses and other downstream equipment. The TITAN Duplex has a 5 HP motor, cutter cartridge technology and a 14″x 12″ up to 22″x 60″ inlet cutting chamber size for handling flow rates up to 16 MGD. The TASKMASTER TITAN is provided with a PLC-driven S260 automatic reversing control system which automatically senses jam conditions and jogs the cutters in a reverse cycle to clear the obstruction.


  • High Flow, Low Headloss Design
  • Full Cut Grinding
  • Two Cutter Chambers – One Drive
  • Superior Grinding Performance

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