Medical Waste Shredders

The TASKMASTER® twin shaft medical waste shredders are the cutting edge in medical waste disposal. Our shredders are designed for processing a wide range of materials such as syringes, linens, plastic sheets, latex gloves, boxed medical waste, trays and more. These shredders are designed for both plant and lab environments with minimal dust, they can handle all types of medical waste with ease.

The TASKMASTER® industrial shredders efficiently reduce bulk medical waste up to 80%. They cut storage and disposal costs, while aiding in the safe disposal of waste. The shredders can be configured according to your center’s specific output at any required particulate size.

TM1600 Shredder With Conveyor

Medical Waste and the Environment

Medical Waste is generated in large quantities every day from medical facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, labs, nursing homes, animal clinics, blood banks, funeral homes, health clinics, medical research laboratories, dentist offices and home health care.  Medical waste is collected by authorized collectors and undergoes treatment before recycling.

This happens with general medical waste that may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials and has the potential if untreated to harm humans, animals, or the environment. For example, this might include infectious waste such as bandages, swabs, syringes, red bags and surgical blades and knives, and pharmaceutical waste such as expired or unused medicines. This type of waste is often referred to as regulated medical waste, biomedical waste or simply medical waste. The classification of medical waste can vary from state to state.

To properly dispose medical waste, it is first made safe through a sterilization process. The waste is sorted and transferred to medical recycling facilities for treatment and recycling processing. A proper medical waste shredder is vital to recycling the material properly, as well as staying in compliance with regulations to protect the environment, humans, and animals.

State agencies often vary from state to state regarding medical waste. Federal agencies that have regulations regarding medical waste include CDC (Centers for Disease Control), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and other potential federal government agencies (DOT for example).

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